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Website Analysis

Improve your business website with a website analysis.

The Internet is key to the future of virtually every business these days, gone are the times when most people look for the goods or services they require using the old methods like yellow pages and looking through newspaper classified adverts etc nowadays the most popular phrase related to finding information is “Google it!”

Is your website working for you?If your website is doing its job properly all of the following will happen:

  • Your website shows up on the first page of Google (or any other search engine) when people search for your products or services.
  • The quality of your website is at least comparable with your competition on the above mentioned page in order for your business to be considered as a viable option.
  • Your website effectively guides your prospect through a buying process that ends with the desired results.

Result = Another order or sales enquiry!

If your website is not bringing you significant business then at least one of the above is not happening.

Furthermore you will receive the following advice:

  • SEO Checklist .. Easy to follow instructions on how to improve your website rankings
  • Keyword Targeting Advice….The best keywords for your market niche
  • Improvement Tips – Invaluable advice on how to improve your website and Increase business opportunities.

How can you get the best from your website?

Find out how to beat your competitors by ordering a website analysis.

  • A WebHunter website design review is carried out by real people who are experts with many years experience advising companies regarding on-line business best practices.
  • A performance review will pinpoint any areas that need to be improved together with advice on how to to
  • All advice is given with sound reasoning
website analysis

A Website Performance review consists of a report on:

  • Website Functionality.. How effective is your website in general.
  • Market Functionality.. How effective is your website specific to your target market.
  • Legal Issues – Are you compliant with the various legal requirements regarding websites.
  • Website Faults – Informs you if any errors generated by your website.
  • Mobile Internet Functionality..How effective is your website on mobile Internet devices.
  • SEO Status..What areas of your website have been optimised for the search engines.

Do you sell products directly from your website?

If you do then you need to order the optional E-commerce Review extension which will also advise on

  • Product display functionality – How effective your products are displayed from a users perspective.
  • Product category functionality – How easy it is to locate and browse products on your website.
  • shopping workflow analysis … Checks the effectiveness of your e-commerce buying process

Order a website analysis Today!