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Ecommerce Website Design

If you haven’t considered selling on-line, sit back and have a think about the size of the audience you are missing out on. Why shouldn’t you be selling your products throughout the UK or indeed anywhere in the world? Why should you be restricted to your local area? What difference would this make to your sales and profits?

Sell Anything. Anywhere

By using one of the most advanced on-line shopping systems available and by utilising modular based building blocks to create the functionality that you require WebHunter can provide you with an on-line sales system that will deliver exactly what you require at the most cost effective price.
Whether you sell thousands of product lines internationally or only a few key products to sell online, we provide a range of ecommerce website design solutions to suit all needs and Budgets.

The main benefit of an eCommerce website is that it enables a business, no matter how small to compete with the largest of businesses.

Why Choose a WebHunter E-commerce Solution

  • Best of Breed Online Shop – Our ecommerce website design solutions are based on the worlds most popular online shopping system.
  • Sell Anything – Whether you are selling shoes of all shapes, sizes and colours, music files or software. Even affiliated products. Our system does it all.
  • Sell Anywhere – You can choose which countries you want to ship your products to(or only within the UK) You can offer free shipping, flat-rate shipping or a more complex shipment charging system. Virtually anything is possible.
  • Discount and Coupon Management – Complete control over discount structures and coupon promotions.
  • Product reviews – Enable or disable the ability for people to leave product reviews on your store
  • Choose your payment method – PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments), BACS, and cash on delivery for accepting payments are a standard feature. Need a specific payment gateway? Let us know!
  • Automated Taxation – Whether you want country-wide or local area taxation integrated into the sale – Its all covered!
  • Stock Management – Easily manage your digital or physical product inventories.
  • Analytics and Reporting systems – Integrated Sales reports and products/order analysis.
  • Analyse products and orders – Gain insight into your products and orders. Track sales and growth trends.
  • Control your own data – One of the biggest risks of using a hosted e-commerce platform is what happens to your data if they shut down. With our system you own the data and we back this up for you on a regular basis.
  • Mobile Friendly – Designed to ensure your shop and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on a mobile phone. We can even turn your shop into a mobile app if you want!
  • Scalable – As you grow your business your online system is capable of growing with you. From selling one product to thousands, and from your first order to your millionth.
  • Extendable – With over 300 plugin modules available to extend the functionality of your e-commerce system virtually anything is possible

And much more….

These are only some of the features of our E-commerce system. If you would like more information or would like a quote for an e-commerce website designed to significantly enhance your business please contact us.

An e-commerce website improves your credibility

Many small businesses currently sell their products via their FaceBook page and/or on eBay. (with varying degrees of success!) A major benefit of an e-commerce website is that it enables very small businesses to effectively compete with many of their largest competitors—How many large, successful businesses send their customers to eBay to buy their products….NONE!!

It makes sense to have your ecommerce website design solution integrated into your business website. This enables you to manage your whole sales and marketing process through your own website. – advertise your products, run effective sales campaigns, take direct payments, organise delivery and secure your customer information.

Why an e-commerce Website?

The largest growth area for all retailers these days is in online sales. Major retailers are investing heavily in online shopping as they see this as key increasing market share and improving, profitability. With e-Commerce business booming in almost every sector it is essential that all small businesses sell their products online.

Now more than ever you need to invest in an online shopping system.


Whatever your on-line shop requirements are WebHunter have a solution that is perfect for your business.

A WebHunter designed E-commerce Website could be the best investment you have ever made.


Serving All of the UK including England, Scotland and Wales, based in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire Northwest.