WebPro Fully managed Website Optimisation

Many companies have jumped on the Website optimisation bandwagon these days and at some stage you may have received an e-mail or a telesales call from a business you have never heard of offering you a guaranteed service that will move your website to the number one position on Google.

What is different about our services:

  • No smoke and mirrors – Just common sense, best practice and hard work to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from your website.
  • Keeping you informed – We provide you with regular management reports so you can see the benefits of our services on an ongoing basis.
  • No Long Term Contracts – We are so confident about the value of our SEO services that we do not need to tie you into long term contracts.
  • Ongoing services – One off SEO services usually have an initial impact however any benefits will fade away over the coming months unless a constant improvement approach is adopted.
  • Proven Methodology – Our processes and practice have been developed over many years by experienced SEO experts.
  • Ethical Services –  We follow strict search engine guidelines & adopt industry best practise at all times.

The Benefits:

  • Improved natural search engine ranking on all major search engines
  • Increased targeted web traffic
  • Effective web promotion
  • Increased brand visibility

WebPro – What do you receive:

This service is delivered in 2 parts: First we perform a professional analysis and set up your website using tried and proven processes, then on an ongoing basis we monitor your website, your competitors website and search engine developments and regularly update your site accordingly to ensure that your business is highly visible to your Internet customers.

Part 1 – Analysis and Setup

WebHunter will:

  • Perform a keyword analysis related to your business.
  • Advise on the most productive keywords available for your business.
  • Send you a report showing where you currently rank on the search engines for the above keywords.
  • Perform an in-depth analysis of your website and the websites of your top competitors.
  • Produce detailed reports to provide information on the changes required to enable your website to compete with your major competitors.
  • Optimise your website to comply with the advice provided in the above analysis.
  • Analysis your business niche and create links from high quality directory and special interest websites to further enhance your rankings.
  • Create search engine site-maps and integrate them with your website.
  • Create and manage a links page on your website.
  • Add a link processing form to your website to encourage other businesses to link to your website.
  • Register your website with location based search facilities. (i.e. Google places etc)
  • Register your website with all major search engines to ensure that your changes are processed.

Part 2 – Ongoing Services

On a regular basis WebHunter will

  • Send you a report showing where you currently rank on the search engines compared to the start of your optimisation service.
  • Perform an ongoing in-depth analysis of your website and the websites of your top competitors.
  • Update your website optimisation to further enhance your rankings.
  • Increase the number of incoming links from quality websites and directory services to further improve your ranking.
  • Provide you with a report detailing the link additions to your website.


We will arrange periodic meetings to review the success of your website optimisation services and advise you regarding how to maximise the opportunities available to you through your website.

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