Service Cancellation

Cancelling or Transferring Services

Service Cancellation

Cancelling or Transferring Services

We are sorry to hear that you are cancelling your service. Cancelling or Transferring most services are free of charge however to administer some changes we need to charge a fee.

Domain Transfers


Releasing or transferring a domain needs to be performed correctly to aleviate potential registration issues at a later date, this involves a certain amount of administration work. The amount of work required varies between domain types (.com, etc) To cover the cost of preparing and administering the transfer of a domain we need to charge a small admin fee.


When a domain is transferred (change of IPS Tag) to another provider your current website and email servers are automatically switched over as part of the process. If you have email stored on the server you should download these to your local PC before the transfer is invoked otherwise these will be lost.


.com and other domains: £35

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